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You start with masturbation and end up being a porn addict

You start with masturbation and end up being a porn addict

The addiction to watching pornography and having sex can have the same harmful effects as alcohol or drugs. Our protagonist in this article is an anonymous web junkie His goal is to be a good father. He is in the process of divorce and has been addicted to watching porn on the computer for many years. Away are those moments of computer and handkerchiefs. Today he has been an addict since he turned 18 and he is already 40. More than 20 years watching porn on the internet without being able to take off his jumpsuit is as extreme as a withdrawal syndrome. It can no longer.

This problem is not as common as it seems and it is very embarrassing to admit that you are addicted to sex. His marriage is beginning to break down and if he loses his wife, he may also lose his daughter, who does not know what is happening to her father. But it is never too late for anything or anyone and you can fight this addiction, even if it is not for losing your daughter.

Our protagonist has decided to take the big step and ask for help. His own words says that he is not happy, he does not know if he really knows how to be happy. 10 years ago, he told himself that he has a problem with incest porn and that he has to seek help, asking for it until it hits bottom. Today he has been in treatment for three months.
No one from his family or friends knows that he is in treatment. Her biggest decision to go to ask for help was to see how her marriage was going to shit. Otherwise I would have continued another 10 years watching porn. He does not want to have a double life or be ashamed of himself. He doesn't want to keep lying to everyone and less to himself that that's the worst thing you can do. He wants to carry his own responsibilities with him and leave what does not belong to him.

If we look for the origin of this terrible problem, we must go back to his youth, specifically when he was 18 years old. Going out with friends at a party, trying to flirt with the girls and failing in the attempt and being rejected caused him to get home and need to let off steam and release all the testosterone that he has accumulated through the videos that you have on youtube on the computer. It is a very easy way out but without realizing it begins to be

addicted to sex. As time passed, our protagonist preferred to stay at home and enjoy porn than to go out with his party friends as he always did. He started to be addicted to porn and sex and not to leave home. It is as if he had gotten into a bubble and has not wanted to leave until now.

As the years went by and friends were lost, good moments of happiness and unforgettable experiences. There is when you realize the serious problem you have. It took him a lot to get the help he needed. It took about 10 years of denial until he admitted to having a problem, a crisis would be that he had lost his job. He tells us that he went to anonymous sexolic meetings, which did not work for him because he did not feel identified with the group. He has searched the internet for literature without any positive results until he came here.

The perfect and suitable place for our protagonist was a Madrid detox center called DeLuna. Directed by Delia Rodríguez, an expert psychologist who treats patients addicted to online videos and who are not able to unhook themselves. The definition of an addition according to Delia is a multifactorial process where biological, social and psychological factors occur where the reward system, located in the brain, is activated and which help to cause pleasant reactions. For this reason, the individual is always looking for sensations that give him pleasure, as sex does.

Another specialist in solving these cases is Dr. José Luis Martínez, one of the best in Spain. His specialty is dealing with the families of the affected to correct and solve their mistakes. Our doctor says if there are 1000 addicts multiplied by 5, it gives the result of all those affected by the pathological disorder. It also defines the intervention as helping a family to overcome addiction through dialogue, each family member is equal to 5 professionals. If they understand the disease and know how to act, they will achieve a better result than a professional. It is much easier for an addict to convince me to consume with him to come with crumb to treatment. Therefore it is easier to evaluate your family and get everyone to convince you.

The age of porn users starts at 11 years old. One in 10 consumers do not reach 10 years. 96% of men admit having consumed pornography during their teens compared to 63% of women. All this is to blame for the internet as it provides free access. One in 5 internet searches are for porn. A person can see about 348 porn videos throughout the year. Some 68 million searches a day are related to porn.

Our anonymous protagonist confesses that he has been spending 5 or 6 hours a day watching porn scenes. He even confesses to having paid to see some videos. He has played many of those videos at work or on the bus on the way home.
In short, our man has managed to overcome his addiction, above all by watching his daughter grow up, spending time with her and trying to be a good father.

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